Criminal Lawyer in Tyler, TX

The goal of the criminal justice system is to see that justice is done. Everyone realizes that not all people charged with a crime are guilty, and not all those who commit the same crime should receive the same sentence. Every case is different based on the facts, circumstances surrounding the crime and life history of the person charged. Whether you are the prosecutor or defense attorney, no one wants an innocent person to be convicted of a crime they did not commit or receive a sentence that is not just.

As a prosecutor and former Elected District Attorney for 23 years, I have successfully tried to a jury over 150 felony cases, including 25 murder and capital murder cases. I have handled tens of thousands of criminal cases. It is important that the rights of those charged with a crime are protected and that they receive an aggressive defense by a lawyer that is experienced and prepared. 

If you need a criminal lawyer in Tyler, Longview, Canton, Van, or another County in the East Texas area, I would be happy to meet with you, learn about you as a person, discuss the facts of your case in detail and help you determine the best way to move forward. 

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