Pedestrian Accidents & Distracted Driving Lawyer

It only takes a split second for a pedestrian to be hit by a driver who is distracted, or not following the traffic laws. Whether it is due to the driver not paying attention, or not following the traffic laws, we will go after those responsible and aggressively pursue a settlement that fairly compensates you for the injuries you sustained, due to the actions of the negligent driver.

You don’t want to take on the insurance companies alone. Even if you are 100% in the right, there will most likely be complicated obstacles in your path to recovering the compensation you deserve. We will thoroughly investigate your case, determine what the facts are and prepare for litigation if a fair settlement cannot be reached. If necessary, we will enlist the help of medical experts, and accident reconstruction specialists to assist the jury in understanding why the motorist was negligent.

We handle all types of motor vehicle negligence cases, including:
  • Those injured by drunk drivers
  • Those injured by fatigued drivers
  • Those injured by speeding drivers
  • Those injured by distracted drivers
  • Those injured by drivers who are texting or talking on the phone

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to driver negligence in Tyler, Longview, Canton, Van, or any East Texas area, we would love to meet you and discuss your case. 

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