Experiencing fear, isolation, confusion, and uncertainty about where to begin is common when you've been arrested or are facing criminal allegations. The task of finding a lawyer can feel daunting when you’re unfamiliar with the criminal justice process. If you're accused of a crime, you don’t have to face it alone.

The Law Office of Attorney Matt Bingham is prepared to assist you through these challenging and difficult times. Matt Bingham serves as a criminal defense attorney for Mineola, TX, and is equipped to represent you on any criminal charge you're facing.

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Meet Matt Bingham

A Seasoned Defense Lawyer For Mineola, TX

Matt served as a prosecutor and the Elected Criminal District Attorney in Smith County for 23 years, handling tens of thousands of criminal cases since 1995. Matt was appointed as the Smith County District Attorney by Governor Rick Perry in 2004, a position he held until he retired from public service and established his firm in 2019 representing Texans accused of crimes.

Matt is known for his rigorous cross-examinations of witnesses, his aptitude to engage a jury, and his passion for advocating in court for his clients.

Matt has successfully tried over 150 felony cases before a jury, including over twenty-five murder, capital murder, and death penalty cases.

When you hire Matt Bingham as your criminal defense attorney, he will get to know you as an individual, discuss your case extensively, and utilize his vast experience in criminal law to aggressively defend you.

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Lawyer For Drug Charges In Mineola

The nature of drug crimes, and the potential penalties in a specific case, can differ greatly depending on the type and quantity of the drug or controlled substance purportedly involved.

Whether it's a possession case or a delivery can impact the severity of the charge and the potential punishment. Also, your criminal history, or absence thereof, is vitally important.

With Matt Bingham Law, it is critically important to us that we get to know and understand our clients as individuals. We strive to know as much as possible about them and their life circumstances as possible.

When people are found with drugs, there is usually an underlying issue in their life that needs to be addressed. Whether it is past trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, or mental illness, there is often a reason behind their situation that goes beyond a disregard for the law.

It's crucial to consider all the Constitutional facets of the law applicable in these types of cases, such as reasonable suspicion to stop and probable cause to search. Why did the police stop you, and what gave them the right to search your car, person or home?

Your attorney should closely examine the evidentiary chain of custody and the protocol used for the scientific testing of the substance.

Always engage the best attorney you can afford. The attorney's experience in investigating and litigating these types of cases is critically important.

From a misdemeanor drug charge to a felony offense, you need a criminal defense attorney who is well-versed in the law and has a wealth of trial experience with cases similar to yours.

If you're facing any type of drug crime charge, contact the Law Office of Matt Bingham. We will discuss your case with you and help you navigate this very difficult process and time in your life.


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Criminal Lawyer For Mineola, TX

DWI Lawyer For Mineola, TX

Driving while intoxicated is one of the most frequently prosecuted crimes in courts across the State of Texas. It can also be one of the most complex cases if defended properly. DWI cases involve constitutional matters related to law enforcement pulling over your vehicle and 4th Amendment issues regarding the search of your vehicle and the acquisition of a breath or blood sample.

Effectively defending a DWI case demands an understanding of the complex issues regarding intoxication related offenses, such as:

A DWI charge can lead to severe penalties such as incarceration or probation, loss of driving privileges, the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock system in your vehicle, and the imposition of hefty fines. Moreover, your insurance premiums can rise, and you might become ineligible for certain jobs.

With District and County Attorney’s offices around the State engaging in the aggressive prosecution of intoxication related offenses, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced DWI attorney in Mineola, TX.

Our skilled professionals will help you understand:

If you've been charged with a DWI in Mineola, TX, discuss your charges with The Law Office of Matt Bingham.

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Theft Attorney in Mineola

Theft can range from a Class C misdemeanor shoplifting of a $10.00 item to financial crimes where the alleged amount stolen is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Choosing a lawyer experienced in the defense of theft cases is essential to obtaining the best possible outcome in your case. A theft conviction for an item costing only a few dollars could lead to lifelong consequences. Any theft is serious, as it is classified under the law as a crime of moral turpitude. Given such severe consequences, an experienced theft lawyer is crucial to achieving the best possible result in your case and avoiding a conviction that can impact you for life.

With nearly 30 years of comprehensive criminal law courtroom experience, our team can provide you with the individual attention and aggressive, comprehensive representation you deserve.

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We’re in Your Corner

Matt Bingham is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney in Mineola, TX, who is committed to fighting for your rights and providing the best possible defense for your case.

Matt Bingham was a prosecutor and the Elected DA of Smith County for over 23 years. He was appointed by Governor Perry as the District Attorney in 2004, where he remained until leaving in 2019 to open his office defending those citizens accused of a crime. Matt Bingham handles cases all over the State of Texas.

After thirty years of successfully handling tens of thousands of cases, including many of the highest profile cases in East Texas over the past 30 years, including over 23 murder and capital murder death penalty cases, he is very experienced in handling a wide range of criminal law cases, including:

Child endangerment crimes
Drug charges
Fraud charges
Theft charges
Violent crimes
Sex crimes
And more

When you're facing criminal charges, you should hire the most experienced criminal defense lawyer you can afford. You need to ask the lawyer you are considering hiring how many felony jury trials he/she has handled as a first chair lawyer, what types of cases he/she has handled, and how many cases like yours they have litigated. You need an experienced attorney who will not only help you navigate this difficult time in your life, but who will aggressively challenge the State’s evidence. Your lawyer should thoroughly investigate the case and talk in depth with you about your version of the events and the law applicable in your case. Most importantly, your lawyer should get to know you as a person and about your life. You should never hire a lawyer you are not comfortable with and trust. Matt Bingham has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to guide you through the complexities of the criminal justice system and ensure you receive the best possible defense. Don't hesitate to contact Matt Bingham for your criminal law needs in Mineola, TX. Together, we will work towards achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

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