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  • Homicides

    Criminal Homicide in Texas includes Criminally Negligent Homicide, Manslaughter, Murder, and Capital Murder. In all these cases, one individual is alleged to have caused the death of another individual. What distinguishes criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, murder and capital murder from each other is the culpable mental state, or intent, of the actor when he allegedly caused the other's death.

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  • Drug Crimes

    Possession, Manufacturing, and Delivery of a Controlled Substance crimes can range from misdemeanor cases of possession of marijuana to first-degree felony cases involving the possession, delivery or manufacturing of methamphetamine, crack cocaine, LSD, heroin, or other controlled substances where the defendant could face a maximum sentence of life in the penitentiary.

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  • Sexual Crimes & Sexual Assault

    Sex crimes, including Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Solicitation and Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography are very serious crimes, especially in Texas. They can take place in nearly any context, including in cyberspace (i.e., social media, sexting), at home (i.e., sexual abuse of a child or family member), at an institution (i.e., school, church), and elsewhere.

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  • DWI's

    A DWI conviction can carry severe sentences and cost thousands of dollars in fines and fees. DWI cases, whether felony or misdemeanor, are aggressively prosecuted in East Texas. A conviction for DWI can directly impact your ability to drive, hold a job, and in some cases, from being employed in certain fields. There are also social stigmas attached to DWI convictions.

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Why Hire Matt

  • Available to Clients 24/7

  • Believes clients deserve to be frequently updated on the status of their cases

  • 25 years Criminal Law Experience

  • Former Elected District Attorney

  • Smith County’s Longest Serving Prosecutor

  • Successfully handled many of the highest profile criminal cases in East Texas over the past twenty years

  • Successfully tried to a jury over 150 felony cases

  • Successfully tried to a jury over 25 Capital Murder and Murder cases

  • Detail oriented and aggressive case preparation

  • Understands the best defense strategies because he knows from his own experience how a prosecutor prepares

  • Known for his ability to connect with juries and his intense cross-examination skills

  • Has lectured and taught other lawyers about litigation strategy at the Center for American and International Law


D. Matt Bingham


The Law Offices of D. Matt Bingham serves East Texas as a premier Criminal Defense Firm. No matter the scale or complexity of your case, Matt Bingham will thoroughly investigate your case and aggressively defend your rights. There’s nothing more important to our firm than being a strong advocate for our clients and helping them navigate through this difficult time in their life. When you are facing criminal charges, you want the most experienced criminal trial lawyer you can hire. Matt has that experience, having successfully litigated many of the highest profile criminal cases in East Texas over the past 23 years. We would love to help in the resolution of your criminal case as your Criminal Defense Attorney. Please contact us to set up your initial consultation, at no cost to you.

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